CoPA Member Meeting | Tuesday April 9th, 5:30P

Transfer Pizzeria Café |  101. W. Mitchell St.

5:30P | Schmooze

6:30P I Announcements

6:40P | CoPA Short Program

7:00P I Featured Presentation

Pinhole Photography with Michael Bunton

Please join us to hear our featured artist Michael Bunton, who had originally been scheduled to speak in January, but was delayed by snow. Michael has been involved in photography for thirty-five years, and has recently focused on pinhole photography. He finds pinhole photography fascinating due to the randomness of the results. Michael is also one of the artist members of Gallery 224 in Port Washington…

“The darkroom is a place of solitude for me and, a place to get creative. The process obviously starts with the camera; using my 35mm, brownie, pinhole, or 4×5. Each give me a unique perspective on what I photograph, and what I photograph really varies. The camera is always with me, and I don’t usually have a plan ahead of time for what I will photograph. Abandoned farms or houses give me a great opportunity to get creative. After, it’s a thrill developing my black and white film in the darkroom at Studio 224, and seeing the images for the first time. Making prints in the darkroom never gets old.”

Michael will be bringing a number of photos that he has made, along with various homemade cameras. He will also demonstrating on what goes into making a pinhole camera.

Above images © Michael Bunton

CoPA Short Program