CoPA provides its members with opportunities that no other photographic organization in southeastern Wisconsin can match. Each year CoPA provides its members with the opportunity to display their work in the annual members’ exhibition held in conjunction with Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward premiere gallery art events.  This event attracts many visitors from all over the Midwest and CoPA’s members’ juried exhibition is recognized as the best fine art photography gallery in that event.

Besides Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward event, CoPA also provides its members with multiple exhibition opportunities throughout the year in a variety of southeast Wisconsin communities.  CoPA is the first photographic organization to be invited to participate in a juried show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), located in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Each month our members meet to discuss what they’re working on as well as share their latest images or current project.  CoPA also keeps its members informed with timely e-newsletters about CoPA events and opportunities that take place throughout the year.

I hope you’ll take some time to explore our website and consider the membership opportunities that CoPA provides you throughout each year.

Thank you once again for your membership purchase and best wishes to you in all of your
photographic endeavors.


Kevin Hansen, CoPA President

[email protected]