About Our Team

Leadership. Hard work. Passion for photography.


Kevin Hansen

Kevin Hansen


Kevin Hansen is an industrial product designer and has been shooting for… many years. He is grateful to CoPA for the opportunity to meet with and draw inspiration from other artists.

Andy Holman, CPA

Andy Holman, CPA


Andy Holman is a CPA who has been deeply interested in photography since the days of the Instamatic 104. Andy is a founding member of COPA and values the opportunity to interact with other photographers each month.


Erin Maddox

Erin Maddox

Vice President

Erin Maddox is a local film & media producer, and photography enthusiast since she received her first camera at age 9.  Erin came to CoPA to lend her production skills to this welcoming and growing organization and to hone her 24fps craft one frame at a time.

Marcia Staum

Marcia Staum


Marcia Staum, a retired educator and psychologist, is an enthusiastic hobbyist photographer. Her interests are the urban woodlands — those bits of beauty found when the natural world interacts with people. Involvement in CoPA provides a perfect platform for development and refinement of her photographic skills.


Kris Gould

Kris Gould


Kris Gould is a software architect in the medical imaging industry and a nature photographer. She is currently interested in using her photography to support conservation and environmental causes. Membership in CoPA has given Kris the opportunity to meet and learn from many talented photographers and broaden her horizons into the world of photography exhibitions.

Jack Kleinman

Jack Kleinman


Jack Kleinman retired as a medical doctor and faculty member at the
Medical College of Wisconsin in 2019. He has taken up
photography seriously for the past 10 years and has made it
one of his principal activities in retirement. He has studied
with several local photographers through the UWM School of
Continuing Education and has attended workshops all over
the US and overseas.


Exhibitions and Events

Co-chairs: Erin Maddox and Phyllis Deicher-Ladwig

The purpose of this committee is to provide quality programming, education and exhibition opportunities to CoPA members and the community.

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Contact Us:
info @ copamilwaukee.com

Social Media & Communications

Chairman: Kevin Hansen

This committee helps compose and issue our Monthly Newsletter, heads our social media news, and Instagram Campaigns.  Do you have news to share?  A social media announcement?

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Chairwoman:  Cindy Hansen

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to welcome new members to CoPA as well as retain current membership.

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Contact Cindy:
membership @ copamilwaukee.com

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