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Once logged in, you can edit your profile, add images, and go to your specific gallery and make changes to previously uploaded images. You can find your specific gallery from the member galleries page.

You can also submit photos for this website’s home page. You’ll find guidelines for submitting images below.

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Guidelines for Submitting Front Page Images

CoPA website editors will select images submitted by members to appear on the organization’s web home page.

These guidelines are used in considering and choosing members’ images for feature display on the upper half of the front page.


  • Should have general appeal.
  • Should show good technique.
  • Should be interesting, strong, and arresting, and show evidence of ingenuity and creativity.
  • May be in color or black and white.
  • Must fit into a horizontally designed layout of 750 pixels wide by 350 pixels deep.

Not acceptable are:

  • Photo montages.
  • Images with text overlays.
  • Images with watermarks, copyright symbols, or corporate logos.
  • Images May Be Cropped

Some images selected may be cropped to fit page design requirements.

Some images may not be selected for reasons of page design, subject matter, composition, or other production or editorial issues.

Members whose photographs have not appeared on the home page will be given preference over those members whose images have been previously selected. Member’s and non-member’s images may appear on CoPA’s home page in relation to special events, such as CoPA-sponsored exhibits, guest speakers or other events.

Home Page Picture Rotation
Several images, in automatic rotation, will be featured on the home page for indefinite periods of time. Duration will be determined by timeliness, picture availability, space demands, and editorial concerns.

Names of photographers whose images appear in the rotation display will be credited and have a brief description of the image on the home page. A larger rendition of the photograph may appear on an inside page along with a fuller explanation of the artist’s philosophy and description of the image.

What and Where to Send Your Images
Members who are interested in having their photographs selected for the home page should send them to Communications CO-Chair Michael Havice at Photographers should submit their images as jpgs or png files that are at least 750 pixels wide.

Editors will scale images for the website. Photographers should also send:

  • Title of the image.
  • Their name.
  • A brief description of their occupation.
  • A brief description of the photograph.
  • A brief artist statement.

This information may be edited.

Icon Images
In addition to having their images featured on the home page, members may also submit images or elements of images for use as icons on the home page. These icons will be accompanied by text to report on CoPA events, such as Schmoozes, guest speakers, exhibits, etc. Creators of icons will be identified in the story linked to the image.

The guidelines for feature photographs also apply to icon images.

Icon submissions should include the photographer’s name, image title, and if the image is part of a larger photograph.

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