Photo printed on silk, by Kristine Hinrichs

CoPA Member Meeting | Tuesday May 14th, 5:30P

Transfer Pizzeria Café |  101. W. Mitchell St.

5:30P | Schmooze and group photo reviews

6:30P I Announcements

6:35P | CoPA Board Elections

6:45P | Kristine Hinrichs: Printing on Silk

7:15P | Project Ideation

Project Ideation: Coming up with Ideas for Projects or Series

We’re all good photographers, but sometimes it’s tough to take the next step, and make something greater with our images. How do we make a series, or create project-based work? How do we find concepts to develop? CoPA president Kevin Hansen will lead a discussion on how to come up with ideas for photo projects.

Member Spotlight: Kristine Hinrichs, Images on Silk

Kristine will share her recent work printed on silk panels and discuss how she makes it. Her work is panels of silk in multiple layers. She will discuss the different techniques she uses in her images, which are of varied subjects and visual styles, from street scenes to abstract, plus differing physical techniques.

Photo printed on silk, by Kristine Hinrichs

Above images © Kristine Hinrichs

CoPA Board Elections

It’s that time of year again – elections! In February we had a great round-table meeting with discussions about the kinds of things we should be doing, or be doing better. If you would like to help bring those ideas to light, or bring new ones to the table, please consider joining the board. If you’re interested, or would like to know more, drop a line to info

Photo Reviews

Beginning at 5:30, and going until the meeting starts, at 6:30, we will be holding photo reviews in small groups. Anybody who wishes to participate may bring three to five photos to share and discuss. Tablets or laptops are best, but prints work too. Join when you arrive, the earlier the better, and enjoy some food and drink at the same time!