Street photography by Paul Matzner

CoPA Member Meeting | Tuesday October 10th, 5:30P

Transfer Pizzeria Café |  101. W. Mitchell St.

5:30P | Schmooze

6:30P | Announcements

6:40P | Short Program: Inkjet Photo Transfer Techniques

7:00P | Featured Presentation: Eyes on the Street Panel Discussion

Eyes on the Street: A Panel Discussion on Street Photography

“Street photography is the art of observation, anticipation and imagination, combined with the science of composition.” — Polly Rusyn

Kevin Hansen will moderate a discussion of street photography. What is it, how is it done, and how is it done well? The panelists will be discussing the elements of street photography and how their stylistic choices and working practices inform their work.

The panelists will include CoPA members Paul Matzner (, Lidia Sharapova (  and Nicole Horvath (

Photos: above ©Nicole Horvath; top ©Paul Matzner

Inkjet Photo Transfer Techniques

Over the past several years Marcia Staum has been experimenting with inkjet photo transfer techniques creating new art forms.  Marcia uses processes developed by Bonnie Lhotka (DASS Art) to transform and transfer photographs onto a variety of substrates.

Marcia will explain simple photo transfer and photo emulsion lift techniques and artwork will be shown.


Arrive before the meeting begins to enjoy some food or drink, and conversation with fellow CoPA members. Chat about your work, gear, exhibitions or just catch up with your friends!