Jerry Styberg

About Info

Bio: BIO Fine Art Photographer. My interest in photography goes back to 1980 when I was able to purchase my first single-lens reflex 35mm camera. We were going on a first trip to Europe and it was important to me to record the scenes that we would see …. And that I did on the first overseas trip and on many other vacations to follow. Over the course of many years I have studied composition, design & use of available light, experimented a lot, talked with other photographers, and absorbed the photographic work of the masters. All the while I have worked to incorporate what I learned into my growing love and passion for capturing images that spoke to me and to develop my own unique vision. I make photographic art to express a connection with the world environment. I am drawn to experience and express the unique moment where the subject takes over -- where the photographer becomes merely a vehicle for communication with the essence of the subject. Art and life are intertwined -- our art reflects who we are and how we experience our world. I am a firm believer in the presence of the Muse -- a spirit guide that is present when taking the time to be calmly present to a subject -- thus letting the image unfold in a magical way. The pursuit of fine art photography offers continuous challenges to probe more deeply and carefully into common everyday experiences. I work to create photographic images that may fill a need for visual contemplation and reflection. My work is offered to simply share a personal viewpoint. When a work speaks to you, then I feel I have been successful.