Split Rock, Tim Holte

Tuesday, January 10th | 5:30P

Transfer Pizzeria Café |  101. W. Mitchell St.

5:30P | Schmooze

6:30P | Announcements

7:00P | Gunner Lauzums: Your New Member Gallery

7:30P | Speaker: Tim Holte

CoPA welcomes Tim Holte for a discussion on his evolving work, success, failures and the methods by which he continues to engage with photography and refine his process.

“I am not sure why I take photographs.  I know it allows me to express feelings that seldom surface. I appreciate light, shadows mean something.  Every image is a frame of reference, a reminder of the past.  Sometimes I think it would be easier not taking photographs.  Maybe time would become elastic and slow down. Maybe the days, hours and minutes, like ash blowing through the burning canyons, wouldn’t disappear so quickly.”   – Tim Holte