Depth of Perception

CoPA + Art★Bar 2024 Juried Exhibition | July 12 – August 28

Opening Reception: Friday, July 12 | 5:30 PM

Comments and awards  | 8 PM


“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
Aldous Huxley

2024 marks 20 years of Art★Bar as well as 20 years of CoPA; with that in mind, we’re leaning into the concept of 20/20 visual acuity, with a twist. Our challenge this year is to push the limits of our perception as photographers and artists to find the image within the image. Think shadows, reflections, and negative space in terms of portraits, architecture, or even landscapes.

Our task for this exhibition is to dig deeper into our work, and look beyond the obvious. In a photographic study of shadows, how do we highlight the spaces in between? When the reflection is the subject what’s lurking in the background? What does the negative space in a photograph provoke in the viewer? When does the background become the subject? These elements exist in all our work but how do we bring them to the fore?

CoPA exhibitions encourage new work to keep us fresh and engaged, this year we’re taking a step off that beaten path and asking you to look with fresh eyes. Whether it’s a photo we haven’t seen before, or one that has previously been shown, take another look. Reveal the nuance. Dig deeper into your perceptions.

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”
John Lubbock



  • Don’s Prize: $100 in gift cards to Art★Bar, Wonderland and Two Bar
  • CoPA Board Prize: 1 year membership to CoPA Milwaukee

ENTRY OPEN | Wednesday, May 1 | 12P

ENTRY CLOSE | Sunday, June 2 | 11P


Artists will be notified by Saturday, June 8, via email provided on the entry form, and will be listed on the event post. These are the only forms of notification that will be issued for selections juried into the exhibition.



By submitting to this exhibition/competition, you agree to meet the exhibition criteria as explained below and to be responsible for the delivery and collection of your work to and from the venue within the appointed dates and times.

CoPA, and Art★Bar reserve the right to disqualify images that condone hate speech, racism, and gratuitous violence.

By submitting work, you agree to allow the use of your submitted images for promotional purposes.


Final Selections must be “Gallery Ready” for exhibition and sale as follows:

  • You must be a CoPA member to participate in this exhibition.
  • There is an entry fee of $10.
  • CoPA Members may submit up to three (3) entries.
  • Work not previously shown in a CoPA exhibition, unless it has been revised and meets the criteria for this exhibition.
  • You MUST follow the naming convention for submission; any submission not meeting this requirement will be disqualified from the competition and all fees forfeited. Read How to Submit to CoPA+Art*Bar Exhibition for instructions. (Example:  EMaddox_Perception_Neighbors)
    • Limit your image size to 1200px on the longest side; images larger than this may not be accepted by the form.
    • 32MB Max File Size
    • JPEG / JPG files only, please. No other file type will be accepted.

DELIVERY DATES | Thursday, June 27 – Monday, July 8

Please label your work; include your name and title of the work. Delivery Hours: Monday to Sunday 3P to 9P – please be courteous and conscientious of the bartenders accepting your artwork. If work is ready, feel free to drop it off before you travel; even sooner than June 27, just let the receiving party know which exhibition it’s for..


CoPA and Art★Bar are not responsible for damage or theft of artwork while in transit. Work will be inspected at the time of check-in. Artists are responsible for the delivery of the artwork to the Art★Bar and for collecting artwork from the Art★Bar in person or by proxy.

Art★Bar | 722 East Burleigh, Milwaukee 53212


Artists are encouraged but not required to offer their work for sale. The Art★Bar retains a 20% commission on sales.


All artwork submitted for exhibition shall adhere to the following framing guidelines. Failure to do so may impact participation in the exhibition. Be mindful that this gallery is also a bar and make your framing and mounting selections appropriately.

  • Glass or Plexiglas are preferable if the artwork is framed. The product should be of sufficient thickness to prevent visible warping or waving. If the glass is broken upon arrival, new glass will be fitted and the artist billed for the cost of the glass.
  • All framed works shall be securely fitted within their frames.
  • All mats are to be clean and white in color.
  • No plastic poster frames.
  • All framed works are to be wired for hanging.
    • No saw-tooth hangers.
    • No unwired D-Rings.
    • No clips.
    • No fishing line.
  • Hanging wires are to be no closer than 2” to the top of the frame when pulled taut.
  • Wires are not to be attached to the clips that are holding the back of the frame together but should have their own support attached to the frame and not the picture backing. Taping or gluing the wire to the frame or board is insufficient.
  • CoPA and Art★Bar are not responsible for pieces that are damaged due to improper hanging hardware or poor craftsmanship.
  • If framed, images must be framed in clean, plain white or black frames. If matted, mats must be clean white. No exceptions. You may print professionally on other surfaces, such as aluminum, canvas, linens, and wood.
  • Maximum Width: 32″ – contact [email protected] if you need an exception to this.
  • Maximum Height: 60″


PICK-UP DATES | Wednesday, August 28 – Sunday, September, 8

PIck-up Hours: Monday to Sunday 3P to 9P – please be courteous and conscientious of the bartenders accepting your artwork.

If you can not retrieve your work at this time, please make arrangements to have your work picked up by someone else. Neither CoPA nor Art★Bar will be responsible for unclaimed artwork.

NOTE: This exhibition is open to CoPA members only. Email [email protected] with questions and comments.

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