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Leadership. Hard work. Passion for photography.


Pam Ferderbar

Pam Ferderbar


Pam Ferderbar is an aspiring photographer with an intense desire to improve her craft. A writer by occupation, Pam came to CoPA looking for new tools with which to tell visual stories.


Andy Holman, CPA

Andy Holman, CPA


Andy Holman is a CPA who has been deeply interested in photography since the days of the Instamatic 104. Andy is a founding member of COPA and values the opportunity to interact with other photographers each month.


Melody Carranza

Melody Carranza


Mel was born and raised in San Bernardino, California. At 18 she enlisted in the Army. Mel relocated to Milwaukee in 1980, where she attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical engineering. She graduated with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Photography from the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

The primary focus of Mel’s photography is dogs and their handlers working in the field, doing upland bird hunting. Mel has also given back to local organizations she believes in, such as Flashes of Hope, Voces De La Frontera and New Sanctuary Movement.



Erin Maddox

Erin Maddox


Erin Maddox is a local film & media producer, and photography enthusiast since she received her first camera at age 9.  Erin came to CoPA to lend her production skills to this welcoming and growing organization and to hone her 24fps craft 1 frame at a time.

Birgitta Lambert

Birgitta Lambert


After many years of exploring a variety of creative outlets, Birgitta finally found ‘The One’ in photography. She most loves to explore expressions and impressions of humanity through her camera, whether it be through the spontaneous capture of a stranger, a planned portrait, an arranged conceptual shot, or the documentation of the human-touched landscape. Occasionally she shoots nature, having had a love of it firmly planted in her as a child growing up in the woods of northeastern Minnesota. It is not unusual for her to have two to three cameras on her at all times so that she is ready for anything that catches her eye.

Being a relatively new and naïve photographer, Birgitta joined CoPA to learn more about the art and craft of photography, to connect with other photographers, and to lend her enthusiasm to the organization.

Birgitta’s work can be found on the web at pop1studios.com and instagram.com/pop.1studios.

Ryan Hanaman

Ryan Hanaman


Ryan fell in love with photography in a darkroom in highschool and its been his life ever since.

Ryan graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a BFA in photography in 2007. He has been a staff photographer at Kohl’s since 2009 and has created a wide array of imagery for a wide array of uses. Ryan has also garnered an extensive working knowledge of constructing, repairing, and enhancing digital images through retouching everything from Harley-Davidson to Food Network imagery. In his personal work he has a strong affinity for texture, color, and composition.

Ken Kornacki

Ken Kornacki


Ken is the son of an engineer and a painter; he studied Film at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he focused on experimental filmmaking techniques & animation.  Ken began his career in
video at Ferderbar Studios under the guidance of Tom Ferderbar; CoPA Founder & a student of Ansel Adams.
After directing a few live action commercials, Ken moved into computer graphics and animation and
worked at design studios around the country. Currently, he’s directing and designing commercials and motion design visuals at his company, KENKO, while further pursuing his love of photography.

Ken shoots at least one photo a day and posts them to Instagram & Tumblr. @kenkofoto, kenkofoto.tumblr.com, kenkofoto.com


Exhibitions and Events

Chairwomen:  Pam Ferderbar & Erin Maddox

The purpose of this committee is to provide quality programming, education and exhibition opportunities to CoPA members and the community.

Help us out!  CoPA Events & Exhibitions

Contact Us:  Exhibits@copamilwaukee.com

Social Media & Communications
Chairman: Ken Kornacki

This committee helps compose and issue our Monthly Newsletter, heads our social media news, and Instagram Campaigns.  Do you have news to share?  A social media announcement?

Help Ken out!  CoPA Social Media & Communication Info & Opportunities

Contact Ken:  social@copamilwaukee.com

Chairman:  Tom Lemke

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to welcome new members to CoPA as well as retain current membership.

Tom could use some help!  Find out more about the CoPA Membership Committee & help Tom out.

Contact Tom:  membership@copamilwaukee.com

Chairman: Jerry Styberg

Chairman:  Lew Cadkin

Outreach & Development Committee

The mission of the Outreach Committee of the Coalition of Photographic Arts is to engage local arts and other non-profit organizations to identify potential joint projects that would enhance communication of important content through photography.



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