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Leadership. Hard work. Passion for photography.


Pam Ferderbar

Pam Ferderbar


Pam Ferderbar is an aspiring photographer with an intense desire to improve her craft. A writer by occupation, Pam came to CoPA looking for new tools with which to tell visual stories.

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Andy Holman, CPA

Andy Holman, CPA


Andy Holman is a CPA who has been deeply interested in photography since the days of the Instamatic 104. Andy is a founding member of COPA and values the opportunity to interact with other photographers each month.


Erin Maddox

Erin Maddox

Vice President

Erin Maddox is a local film & media producer, and photography enthusiast since she received her first camera at age 9.  Erin came to CoPA to lend her production skills to this welcoming and growing organization and to hone her 24fps craft 1 frame at a time.


Phyllis Deicher-Ladwig

Phyllis Deicher-Ladwig


Phyllis developed a passion for photography at a young age when her dad gave me a Brownie box camera.  Phyllis is a former teacher and after retirement she began devoting time to expanding her skills and challenging her photographic boundaries with new genres and themes. Phyllis is drawn to candid photography and telling a story that words are not able to do. Phyllis joined CoPA for the opportunities and support it provides to its members to promote photographic art.
Robert Welker

Robert Welker


Robert Welker is a psychologist with a background in research, teaching, academic administration, and clinical practice. He first became interested in photography in the 1960s while marveling at the process of developing black and white prints in a dark room. Robert’s current photography is mostly focused on the aesthetics and power of nature.


Exhibitions and Events

Chairwomen:  Pam Ferderbar & Erin Maddox

The purpose of this committee is to provide quality programming, education and exhibition opportunities to CoPA members and the community.

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Social Media & Communications
Chairman: Ken Kornacki

This committee helps compose and issue our Monthly Newsletter, heads our social media news, and Instagram Campaigns.  Do you have news to share?  A social media announcement?

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Chairman:  Tom Lemke

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to welcome new members to CoPA as well as retain current membership.

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Chairman: Jerry Styberg

Chairman:  Lew Cadkin

Outreach & Development Committee

The mission of the Outreach Committee of the Coalition of Photographic Arts is to engage local arts and other non-profit organizations to identify potential joint projects that would enhance communication of important content through photography.



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