Depth of Perception

CoPA + Art★Bar 2024 Juried Exhibition | July 12 – August 28

Art★Bar | 722 East Burleigh, Milwaukee 53212

Opening Reception: Friday, July 12 | 5:30 PM

Comments & Awards  | 8 PM


“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
Aldous Huxley

Join us Friday, July 12, as we celebrate 20 years of Art★Bar as well as 20 years of CoPA at our Depth of Perception exhibit. This year we’ve leaned into the concept of 20/20 visual acuity, with a twist, and challenged ourselves to push the limits of our perceptions as photographers and artists by seeking the image within the image or reaching beyond our methods and intentions. This year we’re presenting a different story, sometimes with the same 1000 words, other times with a fresh approach to a tried and true process.

Year after year the Art★Bar show never falters in showcasing a facet of CoPA photographers in an entirely singular pagent. Join us on opening night as we reveal our nuance, and bring to the fore what may otherwise have been overlooked, as we challenge our viewers to dig deeper into their own perceptions.

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”
John Lubbock

ACCEPTED ENTRIES FOR Depth of Perception:

Thank you to everyone who submitted work for this exhibition, and congratulations to those selected for this show:

  • Barb Budish | Concert Goer in Front of Me
  • Cindy Hansen | Masters in Memory Care ★ Yarn Kaleidoscope
  • Carl Hartt | Tree Ogre
  • Carol Pearson | Mr. Glass Man
  • Celia Schulz | Climate Change ★ MARQUEE ★ Roller Coaster
  • Carol Selin |Calling ★ The Journey That Precedes Us ★ What Are You Now
  • Craig Steitz | Nearing the End, See You Soon, My Friend
  • Guntis “Gunner” Lauzums | Beyond ★ I See the Light ★ The Voyage
  • Jack Kleinman | Koi Spaces ★ Skyline
  • Jeff Nordholm | Hoppers Last Ride ★ Keep Left
  • Jerry Styberg | Conversation ★ Reflection
  • Kris Gould | Rift
  • Kevin Hansen | Behind the Web
  • Kristine Hinrichs | Funhouse ★ Spillover
  • Lew Cadkin | Control Shack ★ SW Shade
  • Marcia Staum | Whisk
  • Mark Wyss | Name That Tune
  • Nicola Ciurro | Purpledoor
  • Nicole Horvath | Lovers ★ Which Way is Out
  • Phyllis Deicher-Ladwig | Ghosts of Bonaventure
  • Roy Schmidt | Nature’s Face
  • Robert Ulrich | Batt ★ Bee
  • Ron Wimmer | Maple Leaf & Rock
  • Sandra Wyss | Musee D’Orsay Paris
  • Tim Holte | Bus Stop ★ Chair in Lake ★ Hoop It Up
  • Tom Lemke | Drops of Darkness ★ White Sands ★ New Mexico
  • Vicki Reed | Callie Through the Window Glass ★ Pandemic Poet ★ Spilling Light


For more information on show specifics, please visit the Depth of Perception Call for Entries post. If you still have questions, please email [email protected]