CoPA is in need of some willing volunteers interested in donating a few hours of their time in return for the satisfaction of knowing their efforts are helping their organization grow stronger and more valuable in the community. Please seriously consider any of the following opportunities.

Board of Directors – Of course we would love to bolster the board with a few new members. If you have ever thought you would like to assist in a leadership position and have a real voice in the direction of the organization, here is your opportunity.

Programming – Ideally we would have one or two members who could brainstorm ideas and chase down leads for future programs. Our programming is set through December, so if you sign on now you can have the luxury of three months lead time to investigate possibilities. The time commitment is really just a few hours a month.

Communications – Are you a decent writer? Do you have some experience with web templates? Or maybe you have connections in the media, or just like to talk about CoPA. We need you. You don't need to be all of the above. We would just like a few people who can help turn member opportunities into articles, or help assemble this newsletter, or help publicize events through press releases and social media. The time commitment is generally just a few hours a week or month, depending on what you can do. Everything helps.

Events – Outside of exhibitions, CoPA likes to offer educational, social and fundraising opportunities through the organization. The more brains and bodies helping plan and organize these events, the more we can provide benefits to members and exposure for CoPA as a whole. You can help with just one event or help with them all. Events include our Annual Lecture, Portfolio Reviews, Pinup Show, and Community Partnerships, and may expand to Field Trips, Educational Workshops, and Youth Activities.

Web – Do you have a background in database or programming? We're looking for someone who can understand our website's infrastructure and help when structural changes need to be made. Knowledge of Drupal not required as long as you understand the basic architecture of a database-driven website.

Venue – The venue discussion is not over. We would like members to meet and evaluate the pros and cons of our current location, as well as research and propose new possibilities. The ideal location has got to be out there.

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