Phyllis Ladwig

Late afternoon sun under the Brise Soleil at the MAM
Late afternoon sun under the Brise Soleil at the MAMPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Seven Mile Bridge
Seven Mile BridgePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Ballet Rehearsal
Ballet RehearsalPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
The North Woods
The North WoodsPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
The Boys
The BoysPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Into the Woods
Into the WoodsPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
End of the Road
End of the RoadPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Sunlit Forest
Sunlit ForestPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Carnival Ride
Carnival RidePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
August Sunflowers
August SunflowersPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Carnival Spin
Carnival SpinPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Coming in for a landing
Coming in for a landingPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Finding Our Way
Finding Our WayPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Fire Escape
Fire EscapePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Maggie’s Leap
Maggie’s Leappdeicherladwig
BlindedPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Maggie and her Mother
Maggie and her Motherpdeicherladwig
St. John sunset
St. John sunsetPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
On the shores of Michigan
On the shores of MichiganPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Red Tin Roof
Red Tin RoofPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
At the Park
At the ParkPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Iced Entrance to the Kettle Moraine
Iced Entrance to the Kettle Morainepdeicherladwig
The Mighty Mullet
The Mighty Mulletpdeicherladwig
French Countryside
French CountrysidePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Old Time Handles
Old Time HandlesPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
China Town
China Townpdeicherladwig
Cigar Master
Cigar MasterPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
The Zipper
The Zipperpdeicherladwig
Foggy Day in the Harbor
Foggy Day in the HarborPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Shoeshine in Lisboa, Portugal
Shoeshine in Lisboa, Portugalpdeicherladwig
Urban Landscape
Urban LandscapePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Buddhist Monks
Buddhist MonksPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Shadows on the Mullet
Shadows on the MulletPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Fireworks over Crystal Lake
Fireworks over Crystal LakePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Alfama neighborhood
Alfama neighborhoodpdeicherladwig
Alfama neighborhood
Alfama neighborhoodpdeicherladwig
Music for the Soul
Music for the Soulpdeicherladwig
Tram 28
Tram 28pdeicherladwig
Noisy on the Street
Noisy on the Streetpdeicherladwig
The Streets of Lisboa
The Streets of Lisboapdeicherladwig
Smoke on the Water
Smoke on the WaterPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Hanging out
Hanging outpdeicherladwig
The Conversation
The Conversationpdeicherladwig
Power to the People
Power to the Peoplepdeicherladwig
Needles at Cannon Beach
Needles at Cannon BeachPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Cliff Walk
Cliff Walkpdeicherladwig
Birds on the roof
Birds on the roofPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Morning in Door County
Morning in Door Countypdeicherladwig
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