Phyllis Ladwig

Late afternoon sun under the Brise Soleil at the MAM
Late afternoon sun under the Brise Soleil at the MAMPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Seven Mile Bridge
Seven Mile BridgePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Ballet Rehearsal
Ballet RehearsalPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
The North Woods
The North WoodsPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
The Boys
The BoysPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Into the Woods
Into the WoodsPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
End of the Road
End of the RoadPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Sunlit Forest
Sunlit ForestPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Carnival Ride
Carnival RidePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
August Sunflowers
August SunflowersPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Carnival Spin
Carnival SpinPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Coming in for a landing
Coming in for a landingPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Finding Our Way
Finding Our WayPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Fire Escape
Fire EscapePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Maggie’s Leap
Maggie’s Leappdeicherladwig
BlindedPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Maggie and her Mother
Maggie and her Motherpdeicherladwig
St. John sunset
St. John sunsetPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
On the shores of Michigan
On the shores of MichiganPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Red Tin Roof
Red Tin RoofPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
At the Park
At the ParkPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Iced Entrance to the Kettle Moraine
Iced Entrance to the Kettle Morainepdeicherladwig
The Mighty Mullet
The Mighty Mulletpdeicherladwig
French Countryside
French CountrysidePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Old Time Handles
Old Time HandlesPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
EnergyPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
China Town
China Townpdeicherladwig
Cigar Master
Cigar MasterPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
The Zipper
The Zipperpdeicherladwig
Foggy Day in the Harbor
Foggy Day in the HarborPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Shoeshine in Lisboa, Portugal
Shoeshine in Lisboa, Portugalpdeicherladwig
Urban Landscape
Urban LandscapePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Buddhist Monks
Buddhist MonksPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Shadows on the Mullet
Shadows on the MulletPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Winter in the Woods
Winter in the WoodsPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Winter in the Woods 2
Winter in the Woods 2Phyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Fireworks over Crystal Lake
Fireworks over Crystal LakePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
The Colors of Winter
The Colors of WinterPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
An Alley in Chicago
An Alley in ChicagoPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
SpinPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Alfama neighborhood
Alfama neighborhoodpdeicherladwig
Alfama neighborhood
Alfama neighborhoodpdeicherladwig
Music for the Soul
Music for the Soulpdeicherladwig
Tram 28
Tram 28pdeicherladwig
Winter black and white
Winter black and whitePhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Noisy on the Street
Noisy on the Streetpdeicherladwig
The Streets of Lisboa
The Streets of Lisboapdeicherladwig
Smoke on the Water
Smoke on the WaterPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Hanging out
Hanging outpdeicherladwig
The Conversation
The Conversationpdeicherladwig
Power to the People
Power to the Peoplepdeicherladwig
Needles at Cannon Beach
Needles at Cannon BeachPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Cliff Walk
Cliff Walkpdeicherladwig
Birds on the roof
Birds on the roofPhyllis Deicher-Ladwig
Morning in Door County
Morning in Door Countypdeicherladwig
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