Thomas Lemke

equanimityThomas Lemke
fallen embrace
fallen embraceThomas Lemke
reposeThomas Lemke
the sentinel
the sentinelThomas Lemke
fig tree root
fig tree rootThomas Lemke
the hiding place
the hiding placeThomas Lemke
the dissident
the dissidentThomas Lemke
midstream ice
midstream iceThomas Lemke
small spirit – dark forms
small spirit – dark formslemketwo
treble clef
treble cleflemketwo
ice suspended above water
ice suspended above waterlemketwo
ice, freestones, water
ice, freestones, waterlemketwo
giant whirlpool #2
giant whirlpool #2lemketwo
early morning – freestones
early morning – freestoneslemketwo
morning sunlight
morning sunlightlemketwo
Beneath the Ice
Beneath the IceThomas Lemke
dark water
dark waterThomas Lemke
BudThomas Lemke
stem detail
stem detailThomas Lemke
hairy fern bud
hairy fern budThomas Lemke
curled bracken bud
curled bracken budThomas Lemke
three ferns
three fernsThomas Lemke
man with child
man with childThomas Lemke
children in downpour
children in downpourThomas Lemke
tourists – Istanbul
tourists – IstanbulThomas Lemke
protesters – Istanbul
protesters – IstanbulThomas Lemke
tourists on bikes
tourists on bikesThomas Lemke
waiting for the light
waiting for the lightThomas Lemke
girls on halloween day
girls on halloween dayThomas Lemke
art appreciation class
art appreciation classThomas Lemke
school of students
school of studentsThomas Lemke
child on squid
child on squidThomas Lemke
woman posing
woman posingThomas Lemke
solitary woman
solitary womanThomas Lemke
man adjusting drawstring
man adjusting drawstringThomas Lemke
bed race
bed raceThomas Lemke
handsome man with ugly fish
handsome man with ugly fishThomas Lemke
tourist jumping
tourist jumpingThomas Lemke
arm wrestling
arm wrestlingThomas Lemke
cosplayersThomas Lemke
boy in doorway
boy in doorwayThomas Lemke
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