Birgitta Lambert
Location SE Wisconsin
MatronsBirgitta Lambert-Newgord
227 0
Terminal Ghosts
Terminal GhostsBirgitta Lambert-Newgord
261 0
She had his full attention.
She had his full attention.Birgitta Lambert-Newgord
262 0
I’m not looking at you, either.
I’m not looking at you, either.Birgitta Lambert-Newgord
272 0
She glows softly.
She glows softly.Birgitta Lambert-Newgord
285 0
Just sayin’…
Just sayin’…Birgitta Lambert-Newgord
297 0
CompanionsBirgitta Lambert-Newgord
301 0
EscapeBirgitta Lambert-Newgord
252 0
Full Body Support
Full Body SupportBirgitta Lambert-Newgord
274 0
Birds or bugs?
Birds or bugs?Birgitta Lambert-Newgord
300 0
She knows not her worth.
She knows not her worth.birgitta.lambertnewgord
294 0
A rainy day and an empty bowl.
A rainy day and an empty bowl.birgitta.lambertnewgord
358 0
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