Portrait of Suzanne Rose, Alan Attie 2018

Suzanne Rose is an artist based in northeast Wisconsin. She entered into her education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a painter, studying multimedia, leaving to create a design partnership then ultimately transitioned into a solo pursuit of fine art photography.

Photographically Suzanne remains close to her Midwestern roots by making thematic bodies of works of family, community, and the environs thereof – exploring memory and metaphor, purpose and place.

These portfolio reviews are an unique opportunity for CoPA Members to connect with an accomplished artist, instructor and tactician.

Suzanne will spend 90 minutes with you reviewing your work, discussing your process and offer insights into bringing together a cohesive body of work in the form of a professional portfolio presentation.

Suzanne will also be facilitating a workshop for us in the fall and these portfolio reviews will inform her program for that workshop.




A full assessment of the portfolio will be given during the 90 minute session. In addition, pro fine art photography tips will be shared on all aspects of the artist’s workflow and practice as well as advice on how to move forward meaningfully and productively with efficiency and mindfulness.


  • ● Portfolio review of 15 to 30 images of a single project or of your best work.
  • ● Prints are advised for this process, however if prints are unavailable, please prepare a digital presentation.
  • ● The presentation size can range from 8.5 x 11in. to 17 x 22 in.
    • ○ If your work is much larger than your presentation prints, feel free to bring in either one full size print or a matted and framed example, if you feel so inclined to allow your work to be fully understood.
  • ● Please be prepared to share your shooting and camera specs: f/stop, shutter speed, ISO and if stabilized or not plus camera sensor size + MP and lenses used.
  • ● Please bring in 1 or 2 finished digital files (both edit and printing files) with layers panel in tact (not flattened) on a laptop or on a thumb drive.


Suzanne will discuss your shooting practice, editing-workflow and printing process during your session.




Pam Ferderbar/Tom Bamberger’s studio @ 422 West National Avenue




Saturday, July 16th AND Friday, July 15th are SOLD OUT!



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