CoPA and MARN Art + Culture Hub present:

An Evening with Daniel Kattman and Tom Lemke


Tuesday, November 9 at MARN Art + Culture Hub


5:30P Announcements  I  5:45P Daniel Kattman  I   6:45  Tom Lemke

Meeting is open to CoPA,  and MARN Members and Students


View the LIVE Broadcast via MARN Theater YouTube Channel

Intellectual property attorney Dan Kattman, partner at Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren, will begin the evening with an in-depth discussion of copyright law. As artists—whether visual, spoken word or performance, eventually all our work ends up in some form on the internet. Dan will walk us through the best practices and methods for protecting our work from unlicensed reproduction and sale, misrepresentation and more. This is essential information for all artists. 

Although Dan has spent much of the past twenty years at a desk practicing law, he is most comfortable off the beaten path exploring remote locations by foot, motorcycle or jeep. In addition to restoring motorcycles and classic German sports cars, Dan’s past-times include studying topographic maps and archeological surveys of the Western United States, and then organizing backcountry backpacking, motorcycling, or off-road expeditions to these locations.  

Before sidelined by the pandemic, Dan’s last excursion was a 4-day backpacking trip with his brother in Grand Gulch, Utah, where they explored ancient Anasazi ruins and petroglyphs hidden in one of the most remote parts of the United States. While Dan loves photography and has taken one or two decent photos in his lifetime, he will be the first one to admit that his wife is a much better photographer. Dan is a big fan of Fuji’s X-series of mirrorless cameras and lenses and has recently started using DJI-brand gimbal and drone products.

Following Dan’s presentation, we welcome photographer Tom Lemke who creates work that transcends both photography and music by combining the two in an ethereal, interdisciplinary context. Tom will present three projects, “Rhythms on the Wolf River, “Stories in Stone” and “Portfolio in D Minor.” Details will be available at in the near future.


Photographer Tom Lemke: Photographs and Music

Something magical happens when you set photographs to music. I’ve always tried to make images that evoke emotions and I’ve found that the right music paired with my images amplifies those emotions. 

I’ve been intrigued by the impact of combining photography and music ever since I made my first 35mm slide show as a photography student. That craft reached its height when part of my job as a media producer for Northwestern Mutual involved creating corporate image and salesforce motivational shows shown in auditoriums using double-digit arrays of slide and video projectors married to original soundtracks.

 I have three short slide shows to present: “Stories in Stone” about my work in the South Dakota Badlands, “Rhythms on the Wolf River” a black & white exploration of one of Wisconsin’s wild rivers, and “Portfolio in D minor” which shows a wide range of my work from the past few years. 

 Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis said, “Music is the invisible art.”  Photography is the art of seeing. They each touch different senses and exist perfectly well individually. Combining them offers an opportunity to experience both art forms more deeply.


MARN ART + Culture HUB
191 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202


MARN is located in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee, WI, the traditional Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk and Menominee homeland where the people of Wisconsin’s sovereign Anishinaabe, Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Oneida and Mohican nations remain present.

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