Living Between the White House and the Watergate:



Portraits of Everyday People Experiencing Homelessness

with Dr. Steven Steury


Tuesday, June 14th I  via Zoom

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID:  850 8433 9335
Passcode:  314053

6:30P  I  Announcements & Board Vote

6:45P  I  Spotlight: Kevin Hanson

7:00P  I  Speaker: Dr. Steven Steury

CoPA is pleased to welcome Dr. Steven Steury to discuss his unique photographic portraits of homeless people (“guests”) taken at a soup kitchen located in a church basement across the street from the Watergate complex and eight blocks from the White House. He was well known to the guests where he had volunteered as a once-a-week consulting psychiatrist for 15 years.

In addition to presenting a compelling sample of portraits printed in his book, Dr. Steury will discuss his personal experience of setting up a portable portrait studio in the corner of a dining room and offering finished prints to guests who were delighted to receive them. He will also address ethical deliberations such as possible exploitation involved in photographing homeless people and in obtaining a truly informed consent for a photo release.

Dr. Steury has enjoyed making photographs for many years as he has documented events in the lives of his family and friends. These portraits of people experiencing homelessness are an expansion of recording glimpses of individuals living their lives. He has benefited from community classes and teachers in Milwaukee and Washington.

Dr. Steury is a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst who was Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin and co-founder of The Wisconsin Psychoanalytic Institute before relocating to Washington D.C. where he served as the Chief Clinical Officer of the Department of Mental Health, District of Columbia. He is a Clinical Professor at Georgetown and George Washington Universities.


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