1. Get the App

Instagram is a mobile device app. Head over to the App Store, Google Play, or Marketplace and download the Instagram app.

2. Register Your Account

Once you open the app you will have to Register or Sign In. If this is your first time, you’ll need to Register. Select this option and create a username and a password. When you type in a username, the icon will turn green or red. If it turns green, you’re good to go. If it turns red, someone else already has that username, try creating a different one.

3. Find Friends

Instagram will help you find friends already using Instagram. You will be prompted to find and follow your Facebook friends that are already registered. You will also have the option to find and follow friends
from your device’s contact list.

4. Edit Your Profile

Fill in any personal and contact information you want other users on Instagram to know.

5.Take Some Photos (and/or Videos)

You can take photos directly through the Instagram app: click on the large camera icon in the center of the bottom tool bar.
You can choose any photo in your devices photo library (including images shot with your device, or images shot from other cameras that you have stored on your phone

6. Using Hashtags

When you post an image to Instagram, you have the ability to create a caption for it.
This is where you can include any information or make any statement you wish about your image.

Most importantly: the proper use of relevant hashtags (#)

Hashtags catalog images into searchable content. For example if you post an image of a sunset and write “Isn’t this a beautiful sunset?” only your followers will ever be able to see or find that image.

However, if you write “Isn’t this a #beautiful #sunset?” You will now have made your image identifiable/searchable by the words with hashtags in front of them. By doing so you make it possible for others all around the world to see your photo when they search for either of the words you have hashtagged in your description…

That being said: Please include #copamilwaukee in your hashtags when
posting images you want to share. This allows us to all see and share eachothers work and by including it with other descriptive hashtags will help expose CoPa to the outside world.

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