2017 CoPA Workshop Series

Maybe you’ve reached a plateau. Or perhaps you feel like you keep revving the engine but you’re stuck in neutral. In any event you have the desire to improve your photographic skills but you’re not sure how.

That's where we come in.


We’ve planned an entire year of workshops. They build on each other, and coincide with gallery shows and protfolio reviews throughout the year.

Professional Instructors

These workshops are taught by people who are not only professional photographers, but are CoPA members. Our goal is to make each and every member, at each and every level of expertise, feel comfortable in these twelve hands-on sessions.

Tools to Improve

Unlike any other organization dedicated to the fine art of photography, it is the mission of CoPA to provide the tools and resources for each and every member to keep improving. To that end we have a full calendar of workshops that are comprehensive, relevant…and very affordable.


Each month we will offer a different subject. You can sign up for all or pick and choose which are the most relevant for you. They will vary from lighting and capture techniques, Lightroom and Photoshop, and even how to sell your work.

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2017 CoPA Workshop Lineup

January 28 Basic Indoor Lighting
February 25 Lightroom 101 / Lightroom 102
March 25 Advanced Lightroom
April 22 Basic Outdoor Lighting
May 13 Advanced Outdoor Lighting
June 24 Project Based Work
July Rescheduled to 2018
August Rescheduled to 2018
September Exhibiting and Selling Your Work
October Website Building for Photographers
November Members Gallery Show PREP Workshop
December OFF/ Members Gallery Exhibit

Workshop: Basic Indoor Lighting 101

January 28

We’re excited to kick off the 2017 workshop series on January 28th with one that has garnered particular interest, regarding indoor lighting.

Workshop: Lightroom 101 – Image Management and Organization

February 25 – Morning

In this CoPA Workshop, we will take a deep dive into Lightroom’s Library module and learn how to use best practices of Digital Asset Management to organize your entire image library.

Workshop: Lightroom 102 – Crafting Beautiful Images

February 25 – Afternoon

In addition to Lightroom providing extensive Image Management and Organization features, it also serves as your digital darkroom for processing and refining your images. Using the Develop Module, you’re able to enhance your images far beyond what your camera can achieve alone.

Workshop: Advanced Lightroom

March 25 - 1p-4p

In Lightroom Advanced, we’ll cover the topics such as fixing disjointed catalogs, tethered shooting, and printing at home, to make sure you’re using Lightroom to it’s full advantage.


Workshop: Basic Outdoor Lighting

April 22 – 1p-4p

Using natural light outdoors. Identify basic problems and offering simple solutions.

Workshop: Advanced Outdoor Lighting Using Strobes

May 13 – Afternoon

In this CoPA Workshop, we’ll learn how to effectively use strobe lights outdoors. We’ll explore how strobe lights can expand the possibilities in a given location, and offer more flexibility over using natural light only.

Workshop: Project Based Work

June 24 – 1p-4p

The Project Based Workshop will be taught by professional photographers Jon Horvath and Kevin Miyazaki. Both photographers will be present and talk about their own photography projects, as well as other photographers’ projects.

Workshop: Exhibiting and Selling Your Work

September 16 – 9a-noon

A crucial part of our development as artists is the business side of photography. This workshop is perfect whether you’re just starting out, already showing in galleries, exhibiting or hoping to expose your work to a wider audience.

Workshop: Website Building for Photographers

October 21 – 1p-4p

In this CoPA Workshop we will take a deep dive into best practices for building a website for photographers, focusing on SmugMug as the web platform. Concepts will apply across any development platform.

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