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The Art Bar

Opening Reception: Friday July 12| 5:30 PM
Comments and awards  | 8:30 PM

Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.      – Marc Riboud

Don Krause, curator and owner of ArtBar, has issued this challenge for the 2019 CoPA+Art*Bar summer exhibition: show us your best shot from now (in the past 2 years) and then (your whole portfolio).

What we see now is informed by our comprehensive perspective and experience.  Our photography is our voice, our message to the masses.  This year we seek to impart our message with the benefit of hindsight; expressing our voice of today in tandem with that of our past.  What is the echo of our landscapes, the evolution of nature, the perception of “abstract” over time? We challenge you to connect with your early expressions and lay them side by side with your modern transformation – give us your best shot!



My Best Shot: Now & Then Art*Bar
July 12, 2019 – August 20, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday July 12 | 5:30 P
Comments and Awards  | 8:30 P


Friday, May 17  I  12A


EXTENDED to:  Sunday, June 9th

NOTIFICATIONS – pending, thank you for your patience

Artists will be notified by Sunday, June 16th via email as well as on this page.
If your name is not published here and/or you did not receive an email, then you were not juried into the exhibition.  Whereas judging is a subjective exercise you are strongly encouraged to submit to other shows.


$100 Don’s Grand prize – Don’s favorite piece from the show.
CoPA Board prize  – chosen by the CoPA Board and participating Members. (1yr CoPA membership or extension)
People’s Choice a $100 bar tab – new this year, selections will be made by patrons between 3P and 8P opening night and awarded at 9P.


Fee:  $10 for up to 5 Entries
Read this document before submitting: How to Submit to CoPA+Art*Bar 2019 Exhibition

  • ▪︎You must be a CoPA member to participate in this exhibition.
  • ▪︎ You MUST follow the naming convention for submission;  any submission not meeting this requirement will be disqualified from competition and all fees forfeit.  Read the above linked document for instructions.  Example:  RWelker_Now&Then_Family 1988.
  • ▪︎ Each entry will consist of a single image – we want to see your then and now in these submissions.  Please include the year  the photo was taken in your title.  Example:   Rusty Silo 1982
  • ▪︎ You MUST submit at minimum one “then” and one “now” photo to be eligible for selection.  Single images will be selected for the show, ergo your “now” OR “then” photo may be selected, but not necessarily both.  Feel free to create a diptych (as above) if you want both images viewed together.

NOTE:  You MUST be logged in to view the submission form and activate the “Submit!” button.



Monday, July 1 through Monday, July 8  | 3P – 9P

Art*Bar Opens at 3pm daily. Deliveries will be accepted between 3P and 9P from Monday, July 1, through Monday, July 8.  Any work not received by Monday, July 8 9P will neither be exhibited nor awarded and all fees forfeit. Keep in mind that this is a social establishment, and later hours of delivery are a challenge for the staff to accept;  we appreciate your consideration in this matter.


Wednesday, August 21 through Saturday, August 25 | 3P – 5P

If you can not retrieve your work at this time please make arrangements to have your work picked up by someone else. Any unclaimed artwork will be donated to charity.


CoPA and Art*Bar are not responsible for damage or theft of artwork while in transit. Work will be inspected at time of check in. Artists are responsible for delivery of the artwork to the Art*Bar and for collecting artwork from the Art*Bar in person or by proxy.


Art*Bar receives a 20% commission from the sale of artwork. Please include information for each piece that reflects whether an item is for sale or not for sale (NFS). Please include your preferred contact info for public inquiries (i.e. gallery representation or personal email and/or phone number.) for your gallery tag.


All artwork submitted for exhibition shall adhere to the following framing guidelines. Failure to do so may impact participation in the exhibition. Art Bar is a bar – safety and security of works and patrons is paramount.

Glass or plexi are preferable if artwork is covered. The product should be of sufficient thickness to prevent visible warping or waving.  If glass is broken upon arrival, new glass will be fitted and the artist billed for cost of glass.

  • ▪︎ All framed works shall be securely fitted within their frames.
  • ▪︎ All mats are to be clean, white or off-white in color.
  • ▪︎ No plastic poster frames.
  • ▪︎ All framed works are to be wired for hanging. No sawtooth hangers. No fishing line.  No D-rings.
  • ▪︎ Hanging wires are to be no closer than 2” to the top of the framed when pulled taut.
  • ▪︎ Wires are not to be attached to the clips that are holding the back of the frame together, but should have their own support attached to the frame and not the picture backing. Taping the wire is insufficient.
  • ▪︎ CoPA and the Art Bar are not responsible for pieces that are damaged due to improper hanging hardware or poor craftsmanship.
  • ▪︎ If framed, images must be framed in clean, plain white or black frames. If matted, mats must be clean white. No exceptions. You may print professionally on other surfaces, such as aluminum, canvas, linens and woods.
  • ▪︎ Be sure to visit Studio MKE for fine art printing needs and Creative Enterprises for mounting, matting and framing. CoPA members receive a 10% discount on services.


Please direct all inquiries to

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