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NŌ Studios

Opening Reception Friday, January 10 | 5:30 PM
Panel discussion | 6 PM
Comments and awards  | 6:45 PM

Jurors: Poet laureate John Koethe, interdisciplinary artist Nirmal Raja, and interdisciplinary artist/Fulbrighter/author and professor Dr. Nathaniel Stern will select a body of work that attempts to convey, in all its ephemeral and indefinable truth…BEAUTY. 

“Beauty is difficult, Yeats.” ~ Aubrey Beardsley


“I think that happiness, innocence and beauty are the first concern of everybody… think that everybody is concerned and that, if they don’t have any experience of these positive emotions, they really crack up. Thats how important I think they are. You see, we are educated in the intellectual and ego side of things – that’s the orientation of our culture – and so the other, happiness, innocence and beauty, has to be stressed. I’ll tell you the difference between the intellectual response and the artist’s response: the intellectual response is about facts and reaching decisions – reduction, classification, logic – everything we’ve been educated in. That’s the intellectual response. And then there’s the intuitive response. That’s what art is about.” ~ Agnes Martin


from Andy Warhol:

Can you imagine more fantastic jurors to explore the theme of beauty than a poet laureate and two of the most innovative, celebrated visual artists around? We couldn’t. There is no one discipline guiding them. They will judge “beauty” on everything and nothing…the everything and nothing that delivers a powerful wallop…or a gentle sweet sigh. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case it starts in your lens. There is no right or wrong. You know what is beautiful to you. Submit that.
Do your research on the jurors. Give your submissions serious thought. Make sure the work you submit conveys passionately your interpretation of beauty…whatever it is.
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Open to CoPA Members only.


BEAUTY at NO Studios

January 10, 2020 – February 28, 2020
Opening Reception Friday, January 10 | 5:30 PM
Panel discussion | 6 PM
Comments and Awards | 6:45 PM


Saturday, November 2 | 12A


Friday, November 22 | 11:59 PM


Artists will be notified by Monday, December 9, 2019 via email as well as via public notice at (If your name is not published here and/or you did not receive an email, then you were not juried into the exhibition. Whereas judging is a subjective exercise you are strongly encouraged to submit to other shows.)


Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place: $300, $200 and $100 respectively.


+ Artists are asked to apply online; submission forms will be active at 12AM on Monday, November 4, 2019.

+ Artists may submit up to four pieces for consideration. When listing dimensions, we request that you list the OUTSIDE dimensions (including frame). We understand that prior to be juried in you may not have the exact dimensions of your framed work, so give us your best guesstimate, please.

+ As of now there is no size restriction, but check notifications for size restrictions once judges have made their selections.


Submitted work may NOT have been exhibited in any prior CoPA show.

CoPA members may enter one (1) piece for $5 or up to five (5) pieces for a $35 fee.


NŌ Studios: Sunday, December 29 through Sunday, January 5 | 9 AM 5 PM daily


CoPA and NŌ Studios are not responsible for damage or theft of artwork while in transit. Work will be inspected at time of check in. All transportation costs to and from the exhibition are the responsibility of the artist unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the exhibition date.


Friday, February 28 and Saturday, February 29, 2020 | 10 AM 5 PM

If you can not retrieve your work at this time please make arrangements to have your work picked up by someone else. Any pieces unclaimed will be donated to charity.


NŌ Studios receives a 25% commission from the sale of artwork. Please include information for each piece that reflects whether an item is for sale or not for sale (NFS). Please include your preferred contact info for public inquiries (i.e. gallery representation or personal email and/or phone number.)


All artwork submitted for exhibition shall adhere to the following framing guidelines. Failure to do so may impact participation in the exhibition. If works on paper are to be exhibited other than under glass or plexiglass, please review in advance with Pam or Erin so they can share your request with the curators in order to determine efficacy of the non-standard hanging.

Glass or plexi are preferable if artwork is covered. The product should be of sufficient thickness to prevent visible warping or waving. Anti-reflective or non-glare surfaces are strongly recommended. If glass is broken upon arrival, new glass will be fitted and the artist billed for cost of glass.

+ All framed works shall be securely fitted within their frames.

+ All mats are to be white in color.

+ No plastic poster frames.

+ All framed works are to be wired for hanging. No saw-tooth hangers. No fishing line.

+ Hanging wires are to be no closer than 2” to the top of the framed when pulled taut.

+ Wires are not to be attached to the clips that are holding the back of the frame together, but should have their own support attached to the frame and not the picture backing.

+ CoPA and the NŌ Studios are not responsible for pieces that are damaged due to improper hanging hardware or poor craftsmanship.

+ We prefer solid white frames. Solid black frames are acceptable.

Please direct all confirmations, communications, or questions to
Please Direct all technical and web questions to


Be sure to visit Studio MKE for fine art printing needs and Creative Enterprises for mounting, matting and framing.

CoPA members receive 10% off printing services and a show discount of 25% off on mounting, matting and framing services when they are juried into the 12th Annual CoPA Members Juried Annual Exhibition.

CoPA thanks our generous sponsors of this exhibition:


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