Sherwood by Martha Coaty 2012

The creative team at Milwaukee Magazine responsible for the publication’s photo essays and photography will form the jury for the CoPA/Alverno exhibition entitled, Assignment: Portrait Milwaukee.

CoPA members may submit up to five pieces in a series that express their unique vision of Milwaukee. (Limit one series.)

About the judges:
The Milwaukee Magazine creative team has collectively worked for the magazine for 15 years producing award-winning photo essays and other projects that revolve around photography. Brock Kaplan, Kelly Rippl, and Kenny Yoo have endeavored to spotlight some of the most celebrated and hard hitting stories originating in our city. These documented snapshots of the place we call home are meant to move Milwaukee towards becoming a stronger, more diverse community.

From the judges:
– Portraits are extremely important within the pages of Milwaukee magazine. Images of people/subjects in their environment or outside of their typical environment help us create a connection between the reader and the subject, comfortable or uncomfortable—capturing a moment that is specific to that individual and then sharing it with the reader.
– Portraits are more than simply a record of someone’s appearance—they expose the power, weakness, importance, beauty or contrast of the subject to her or his environment. Portraits tell a story and draw connections.
– A moment in time that tells a story or gives a glimpse of Milwaukee
– Connections or contrast between the subject and environment
– Subjects outside of their element or where the environment is the subject and has its own story of Milwaukee
– Breaking down walls, creating intrigue, capturing moments, a need to know the history/story/record city-centric, portraits of Milwaukee, personalities in unexpected places
– How do you see and experience the city, your place in the city, how you see your city as home, where/what is considered home
– The photographer’s vantage point of the city, ‘self-portraits’ of the photographer in their city or how they experience Milwaukee through their specific and unique lens
– The unexpected/unseen Milwaukee

Submissions open: June 6 / 12P 
Submissions close: Extended to Sunday, July 8th/ 11:59P 
Notifications: PENDING…as soon as I know, I’ll let you know!
Drop off at Alverno Art & Cultures Gallery: August 16 12-7P
Drop off at Alverno Art & Cultures Gallery: August 17 12-7P
Opening Reception: Alverno College Art & Cultures Gallery: September 5 / 4:30P – 8:00P
Pick up at Alverno Art & Cultures Gallery: September 22 10A – 4P

Open to the public:
Wednesday, August 22
Gallery hours: Monday – Saturday, 10A to Not extended hours Thursday from 10A to 7P

Exhibit runs from August 22 – September 21, 2018

Alvero College Art & Cultures Gallery
3400 S 43rd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53234


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