11th Annual Members' Show: BLUE


Barb Budish – Blue MaGoo
Birgitta Lambert – Complimentary / Quintuplets
Bernie Newman – Sunspot
Ben Stuart – Shattered Love
Cindy Hansen – Blue Cheese Kaleidoscope / Bluecollar Bar / Patriarchy Blue Balls
Carl Hartt – Mourning Veil
Carol Starr – Blues & White
Dennis Darmek – Golf Caddies, DaNang Vietnam / The Swimmer, 40 years in the Water 11 / The Swimmer, 40 years int he Water 15
Emiko Franzen – Figure It Out / Inside Matters / Lesser Than
Guntis Lauzums – Rolands
Jack Long – Super Table _029
Lew Cadkin – Bench in Blue / Metro Ice
Lisa Idarraga – Winters’ Reach
Mary Crawford – Little Boy
Marcella Jones – Feeling Blue
Michael Nowotny – Time Out Blues
Pam Ferderbar – Horse Trailer
Phyllis Deicher-Ladwig – Spin
Patricia Granlund – Childhood Wishes
Phillip Sotckton – Blue Block
Roy Schmidt – Pledge / Puerta Azul
Susan Schramm – Burst / Injured / Stasis
Tom Ferderbar – Blue 66
Thomas Ferguson – Big Bad V8
Timothy Holte – Early Morning Fog on Legend Lake / Pool at Night / After the Storm / Selfie Beach

January 4 through February 1, 2019

The Var Gallery  643 S. 2nd Street    Milwaukee, WI 53204

PICK UP DATE     Sunday, February 3, 2019 | 11A – 2P


If you can not retrieve your work at this time please make arrangements to have your work picked up by someone else.  Any unclaimed pieces will be collected by CoPA and a $3/day holding fee will apply.


Opening Reception: Friday January 4 through Friday February 1
Visit vargallery.com for daily hours

Jurors Tyler Friedman, associate curator of contemporary art at MOWA, and John Sobczak, gallery director at The Alice Wilds will select and curate a body of work that conveys BLUE.

Blue is a primary color.
Blue is a state of mind.
Blue is a homophone.
Blue is a subject for philosophical inquiry (cf. William Gass’ On Being Blue: A Philosophical Inquiry)
Blue was invented by Yves Klein… well, International Klein Blue was.
Blue is a wavelength between approximately 450 and 495 nanometres.
Blue came to signify boys during the 1940s.
Blue occurs in natural minerals; lapis lazuli and azurite, for example.
Blue does not appear in the cave paintings of the Upper Paleolithic.
In German, “to be blue” means to be drunk.
Music can be blue; for instance, Bluegrass, the blues, and blue notes.
Blue is a style of comedy that is off-color, risqué, indecent or profane, largely about sex.

Blue spans all genres. Blue is limitless.

CoPA members may enter up to 4 pieces via digital submission/s. Selected work must be no larger than 30″ wide. (No vertical limit.) 34 – 48 images will be selected for the exhibition (we are working on expanding the square footage available for the exhibition).

Complete prospectus and submission details will be posted by noon, Tuesday, October 9 at copamilwaukee.com/exhibitions.

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